Welcome to our place!

Our event space is in Osaka/Shinosaka area.


Our motto is " We help your hope come ture "

We hear what customers want to do well

and help you as possible as we can.


Our place has warm atmosphere,huge windows with natural light.


We have Darts,Bar counter,Kitchen,Projector,Microphone,Acoustic equipment...etc.


You can have any kinds of event!


One of characteristics of our palce is Full scale Kitchen.

We provide even glasses,paltes.

Many coustomers cook by themselves and have party.


We can accomodate maximum

70 people: Standing,40people:Seated


"Event Examples "


Music live,Exhibition,Photpgraphing,

Cosplay party,Christmas paty,Birthday Paty

Farewell party,Hot pot party,Takoyaki party,

1day Bar,1day Cafe,1day school...ect.


You can check views of our place from photo page.





"Basic Price"


+Everyday 6am-9am (3housr plan) ¥9,000

+Everyday 2hours plan (b/w 10am-11pm) ¥16,000

+Everyday 13hours plan (10am-11pm) ¥50,000


+Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm (6hours plan) ¥23,000

+Monday-Thursday 5pm-11pm (6hours plan) ¥28,000


+Friday and the day before national holidays 10am-4pm (6hours plan) ¥25,000

+Friday and the day before national holidays 5pm-11pm (6hours plan) ¥30,000


+Saturday,Sunday,National holidays  10am-4pm (6hours plan) ¥27,000

+Saturday,Sunday,National holidays  10am-4pm (6hours plan) ¥32,000




"Optinos Price"


+Kitchen   ¥1,000/1hour

*If you use our place for 6hours,the optional fee is ¥6,000.


+Gas Fryer(To cook deep fried food)  ¥3,500/1day


+Projector  ¥3,000/1day

*You need to bring your own laptop which can connect HDMI cable.


+DVD/CD player ¥1,000/1day


+Wireless Microphone ¥300/one

*We have 2microphone


+Beer server ¥1,000¥/1day

Our server is standard for "Asahi"

So we can provide "Asahi super dry" and "Clear Asahi"


+Asahi super dry Beer barrel   ¥4,698/10L  ¥8,926/19L

+Clear Asahi Beer barrel          ¥3,240/10L   ¥6,156/19L


+Rubbish disposal fee  ¥500/45L 1bag



"Free Amenities"

+White Boards


+2Panel TV




+Buffet table


+Long bench seat

+10folding chairs

+10bar counter chairs








6-1-11 Nishinakajima Yodogawa ward Osaka city


Nearby station:

Osaka subway "Nishinakajimaminamigata station"

JR "Shinosaka station"

Hankyu line "Minamikata station"




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